1 Inch – V92 Oralite 6/6 DOT Tape Rolls

Oralite V92 – 6″ Red / 6″ White (silver) DOT Approved Reflective Tape1″ x 30′ and 1″ x 150′ Rolls

1 Inch – 6″ Red / 6″ White Rolls Sold On This Page

This 5-7 year rated product exceeds all State and Federal NHTSA & DOT requirements. The pattern is an even 6″ red and 6″ white alternating pattern.  The rolls have the DOT-C2 logo imprinted on them.  The tape is easy to apply. Just peel off the backing and apply to a clean, dry surface. Then apply pressure using a squeegee or soft cloth.  1″ DOT tapes should be used for Non DOT applications such as marking trailers, boats, motorcycles, guardrails, fences, gates and vehicles.  (use 2″ and up for DOT apps) 

On this page we carry the Oralite 6/6 V92 rolls in 1 inch rolls.  You can purchase both 30 foot and 150 foot rolls by clicking the buttons below.  We normally ship out the rolls the day they are ordered.  If you need expedited shipping or need any assistance you an call us at 850-934-3157.

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Author - Steven Cole (Economics, MBA) - 22 years experience in the reflective safety tape industry.