DOT and School Bus Regulations For Reflective Tape
Reflective Inc. – The Visibility Company.  This site features our full line of Oralite DOT Reflective Truck Tapes and School Bus Tapes.

America’s highways are shared by both personal and commercial traffic and accidents involving these two vehicle types are often catastrophic.  It is for this reason that the Federal government (NHTSA, DOT, FHSA) has established safety standards for large vehicles like Semi Trucks, Dump Trucks, and Buses.  All of these safety standards include the addition of reflective conspicuity tape, allowing others to clearly see large vehicles at night on the highway and also when they are parked. 

We carry quality Oralite conspicuity products.  They invented prismatic reflective tape and have set the standard for quality in this industry for over 50 years. Oralite tapes are manufactured using a patented single layer design which results in a very bright tape that does not delaminate, does not need to be edge sealed like other brands, and continues to reflect even after multiple impacts. It is the only brand we recommend to our customers. 

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